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About the Photographer
James Prineas was born in Australia in 1964. He travelled and studied in Greece, Britain, Sweden, Germany and the United States, before settling in Berlin, Germany. His first exhibition and book - "A Village on Kythera" - presented photographs and stories of the village in Greece where two of his grandparents were born. It was first displayed at the Bondi Pavillion Gallery in Sydney in 1997. Further exhibitions followed in Greece and Germany. He lives in Berlin with his wife and two sons.

About the Exhibition
"The Spirit of Sumud"- pictures from the West Bank of occupied Palestine - was first exhibited at the Bethlehem Peace Center in October of 2006 in conjunction with the launch of The exhibition is a set of 41 pictures divided up into 3 broad groups: A Palestinian Festival, The Wadi Kelt, and The Wall. It is designed to assist those outside Palestine grasp the true wonder of the local landscape and people, as well as the absurdity and oppression of the wall which surrounds much of occupied Palestine. The exhibition will travel through Palestine, and concurrently venues are being sought and organised in Europe, the Americas and Oceania. View the Exhibition

James Prineas
Bergmannstrasse 102,
10961 Berlin

Telephone: +49.30.69 59 66 15
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email: [email protected]

* Sumud = Steadfastness, the resistence of the Palestinians against land confiscation and ethnic cleansing.